DSI Freezing Solutions: Redefining Food Preservation With Plate Freezing

Top 10 Poultry and Meat Production and Processing Solution Companies - 2020

The food and beverage industry is witnessing a constant revolution in terms of technology, machinery, and packaging. Novel processing technologies are increasingly attracting the attention of food processors by their high end efficiency to reduce the adverse effects of thermal processing and provide food products with improved quality and a reduced environmental footprint.

Besides, emerging advanced processing equipment is effective in preventing contamination of the diseases, raising the shelf-life of meat and poultry products and retain maximum nutrients, with no or minimal impact on its quality. Also, the implementation of technologically advanced meat and poultry processing equipment reduces the cost of keeping the food fresh, which increases productivity.

Automation technology in the poultry sector drives efficiency, reduces waste, and automates more tasks in the poultry processing line than ever before. Robotic machines help to eliminate safety issues for the more dangerous jobs in this sector. Furthermore, automation combined with data analytics helps to insulate poultry processors from the lack of, and the increasing cost of labor. It also helps to drive up margins for market segments such as whole birds and strengthens operations and profits and makes them more competitive within the industry as a whole.

This edition of Food and Beverage Technology Review features companies such as DSI Freezing Solutions, AG Lighting Innovations, CEM, Howe, Pick Heaters, Inc and many others that are at the forefront of offering agile solutions for the poultry and meat production and processing sectors. These companies provide robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. Through this special edition, we present to you “Top 10 Poultry and Meat Production and Processing Solution Providers - 2020."

    Top Poultry and Meat Production and Processing Solution Companies

  • AG Lighting Innovations is a Tennessee based company which addresses every lighting issue faced by the poultry industry with its waterproof LED light fixture—AG 25—that harnesses the superpower and low energy cost of LED tech. It is a pioneer of an electronic luminaire which unlike the traditional LEDs, shines brighter, lasts longer, and is farm tested to take on the challenges of the poultry house environment. To counter the drawbacks of a regular A19 light bulb frame, AG 25 takes protective measures like placing lens over it for dustproof action ensuring uniform light distribution and placing an Aluminum plate that acts as a heat sink for reduced heat and longer lifespan


  • CEM Corporation is a leading global provider of solutions for critical laboratory applications, chemical synthesis, biotechnology, environmental testing, and food processing markets. The company have designs and develops laboratory instrumentation and scientific methods (both microwave-based and non-microwave technologies) that are used by major companies, prestigious research institutes, and universities around the world. CEM is a private company with global headquarters outside Charlotte, North Carolina, along with offices in England, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Singapore, and Ireland. The company’s flagship products provide unique solutions for compositional analysis of food and chemical samples, acid digestion for elemental analysis, and chemical synthesis of peptides and small molecules


  • DSI Freezing Solutions began in 1969 as Dybvad Stål Industri A/S, a manufacturer of steel components. With the development of the first plate freezer in 1979, DSI began the production of plate freezers, exclusively. DSI manufactured the first V1 vertical plate freezer in 1980, the first H1 horizontal plate freezer in 1988, and today has more than 7000 installations worldwide. The company attained its new name, logo, and visual identity ‘DSI Freezing Solutions’ in 2018. DSI offers both bulk freezing and freezing of for instance, packaged ready meals. The company ensures a high utilization rate, less product waste, and higher profits. DSI enables the freezing of fresh fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, animal food, liquids, and ready meals


  • The company designs and manufactures durable and reliable ice machines that support 1,000 to 20,000 lbs daily production of ice flakes. With superior cooling qualities, Howe ice flakes help maintain a proper emulsion temperature and provide maximum cooling surface areas. Most importantly, to serve clients in the best possible way, Howe team works in liaison with refrigeration contractors and supervises the entire installation process. The company also offers training for in-house maintenance of the machines to ensure self sufficiency and autonomy


  • A Montreal-based agritech company, Intelia, provides cutting-edge sensors, remote data management software, and data-powered predictive algorithms. Combined, these offer a powerful decision-making system that helps poultry growers succeed and improve profitability by applying best practices consistently. Intelia’s innovative IoT devices and sensors for the poultry house help farm owners keep track of metrics such as static pressure, bird weight, light, temperature, ammonia levels, water usage, humidity, and feed-bin weight in real-time, making it is easier for them to optimize their production resources


  • Originally formed in 1978 as Continental Engineering, Landen Strapping Corporation has now become world renowned for some of the most simplistic and reliable strapping systems available. Since the inception of our strapping machine division, the company has focused exclusively on niche industries where harsh environments and high production rates are the norm. The company separates itself by designing and manufacturing systems that are tailor-made to the customers' production settings. The company avoids out of the box solutions by offering the customer-specific design configurations on specialized automatic strapping systems. These configurations include customized options that are usually not offered by other manufacturers due to a lack of fabrication capabilities or industry-specific knowledge


  • Morris & Associates—a leading manufacturer of custom poultry chilling equipment—designs and manufactures innovative, efficient systems for chilling poultry and producing ice for industrial applications. The company focuses primarily on immersion chilling and pathogen control, and manufactures products that are capable of operating on their own, reducing the need for chiller operators in a plant. Besides, in an understaffed poultry market, Morris & Associates empowers clients with additional support by providing them with qualified personnel who can perform preventative maintenance and mitigate downtime. Morris & Associates also brings in automated chilling solutions that eliminate the variation in yield amount


  • Offering a superior alternative to heat exchangers is Pick Heaters with its advanced direct steam injection (DSI) systems. Throughout the plant, from process heating to plant sanitation to in-line product cooking, Pick Heaters provides instantaneous, unlimited hot water at a precise temperature. With Pick DSI, medium to high pressure steam is effectively blended into the process fluid, resulting in 100 percent heat transfer with full use of both the latent and sensible heat energy. Aside from quality products, Pick's strength lies in its knowledgeable and dedicated workforce that possess decades of experience solving the unique application challenges of its various clients


  • Strahman Valves is excited to add ozone technology to its product portfolio through strategic partnerships with Advanced Ozone Integration and Rinse Well. Ozone technology will expand the company’s offerings of environmentally friendly and chemical free sanitation solutions to its customers with the highest level of antimicrobial treatment currently available in the marketplace. The company has a 98-year legacy of providing quality washdown products to the Poultry and Meat Production and Processing industry. The company’s move into ozone technology is a natural progression and compliments its current washdown solutions—from a full line of mixing units, hose stations, hoses, nozzles and wash down accessories


  • Prudence Technology

    Prudence Technology

    Prudence Technology, when on a quest to create a Poultry ERP software, has designed a holistic software that provides all the benefits necessary for farm management. To give complete control, Prudence Technology has built the NAVFarm on MS Dynamics to provide complete control over the Feed Conversion Rate or FCR. NAVFarm, poultry farm management software gives the customers absolute traceability of the feed and flock to make the business process more profitable, productive, and efficient; this poultry farm software provides complete control of Feed, Hatching, Breeding, Laying and Broiler

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